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The all new Football game is here!

After months in development we have our new batch of football games for sale.

List of new and improved parts:

  • Laminated score sheet/ field and dry erase marker

Included is a dry erase marker and a laminated score sheet and field. Never run out of paper score sheets again! Now you can write and erase with ease. Writing the score, downs, distance, team names, quarters and yard line.

  • Metal football

The weighted metal football is very handy to keep the paper down. Its embossed with "Action Dice Football". It brings that board game feel to our pocket game.

  • All new design

The new scoresheet and field are combined. The scoreboard is graphically enhanced with bulbs just like at the game. The game has been simplified to make it easy for anyone to play. We recommend ages 8 and up.

  • New zip bag

This new graphic designed durable, resealable bag is perfect for the gamer to travel with and never lose any parts. It is water proof and seals tight. A scan bar code on the back for others who might be interested in a game.

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