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NEWS! Upgraded football. Discontinued games..

We have discontinued Baseball, Hockey and Basketball for now. We are rebuilding these games for future release.

Our all new Football redesign will be released shortely within the next couple months. This game will include a new scoresheet format, graphics, larger dice, larger game piece and pen. The quality of our new game will impress.

The game packaging has also had a major change with front and back printing, spot uv gloss and a metallic finish.

Why the new design the game was fine? We are on a mission to distribute our games to retail stores. Paying for ads are much too costly and the time to organize parts and assembly. In order to fund more games and expand on them, we know we need more eyes on them on shelves.

Thanks for being patient with us while we upgrade all our games beginning with our best seller, Action Dice Football. Here below is what our new cover will look like minus the gloss and metallic finish.


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