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All New Dice Basketball game

This is an all new basketball dice game by Action Dice Games. This is a new game and redesigned from our previous version. New features include a new mid court line you must cross to get into the front court. You can choose 2 or 3 point shot. There are 2 on 1 fast breaks, fouls, free throws, dunks, steals, basketball moves and more! This game has it all and there is nothing like it on the market that is this deep and this size that you can take anywhere.

  • 2 pointers

  • 3 pointers

  • Dunks

  • Front court

  • Inbound ball

  • Over 10 types of shots

  • Basketball moves

  • Blocks

  • 1 or 2 players

Share this, book mark us and game on with yourself or with another person.

If you love basketball then play this and take it anywhere. Pocket, travel size.

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