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Frequently asked questions.

How long does a game take to play? 
All the games roughly take between 45-55 minutes depending on how quickly you take to choose your plays and record information on the score sheet.  

Are there any players or teams in the game?
No there are no player names or pro teams in the game. You can write your own players and teams on the score sheets provided. These games are not officially licensed products, meaning we do not have the license to use the team names and players.  We would love to use the teams if we manage a license with the professionals one day.

What size is it?
The package size is 5"x7". Just small enough to fit in your back pocket yet packed with action and exciting game play. 

Are there videos, how is the game played?
The videos are here, we have been working very hard on making video's. These games are simple to play. You call a play, roll the dice and look up the result. It's that easy.  Every play is based on the average of the pro leagues.  The results are very realistic.  Other small games require adding up dice and there are no plays.   
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How long does it take to receive?
Depending on what state you live in, it will take roughly 2-6 working days to receive if the mail man does his job.  If you want next day shipping, it's about $35 in the US. Contact us and we can get you a price.  

What is your return policy?
Our return policy is that if you don't like it then send it back for a refund. These games aren't for everyone but if you want realistic results in a game that plays quick and portable then they are for you. 

Is there a bulk discount rate?
Yes if you are a retail shop we can work out an arrangement in a discount. 

Do you accept suggestions to your games?
We welcome suggestions to help us improve the games. Send us an email and we will review your thoughts and possibly implement them into our games. Our mission is to create sports dice games that will put you at the edge of your seat.

How often do you update the website?
We update the website very frequently.  Any time we have breaking news about our games we will share it. Keep us book marked for new games, new updates and more.

I want the 4 pack but would like to choose a different set of games?
Sure, not a problem just contact us prior to your order so we can make a note of it.  Or write in the notes during your purchase which games you would like. 

Contact us with any more questions you might have
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