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Custom sports cards, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL cards, Prizm, Panini, Chrome

These hand made cards are designed to be your masterpiece to your card collection. Each one of our cards are hand crafted, cut and uniquley designed to be visually more impressive than what you can buy in stores. Each single card is a "one of one" a mini masterpiece, art by J.Jacobs.

Marble Surface

the design, placement and finish



Pro Custom Card Collection


How to Purchase a card

Each card has an Ebay link that will take you to the auction of that card.  Want us to make you one of your player?  Email us at  You pick the player and we will suggest a good combination of materials and colors. Each card is unique and one of a kind. 

How it's built

These legendary cards are precision hand cut under a large magnafine glass using razor sharp blades.  Also used are high quality tapes and glues to seal the card properly. Each card is a standard 2.5" x 3.5". We use images, frames and parts from other cards to create a custom masterpiece.  Artist J.Jacobs has always had a passion for art and sports.  Contact us today.

Follow us on social

We post new cards on our social media platforms almost daily. Follow us to keep updated on news and cards to come. 

Custom Card?

Contact us so we can get your custom card started. You can help design your player card. We will help advise you on what will work best.

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