J.J. Custom Sports Cards

These cards are hand made designed by artist J.Jacobs.  


These hand made cards are designed to be your masterpiece to your card collection. Each one of our cards are hand crafted, cut and uniquley designed to be visually more impressive than what you can buy in stores. Each single card is a "one of one" mini shadow box masterpiece, art piece by J.Jacobs.

Pro Custom Card Collection

How to Purchase a card

To purchase a card you can email us directly.  In order to assure your card is available with pricing an email to us for the availability of our cards.  Email us at  You can also click on the Ebay link when viewing each card.  

How to it's built

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Custom Card?

Contact us so we can get your custom card started. You can help design your player card. We will help advise you on what will work best.

Thank you for looking.