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Sports has always been a passion of mine just like yours.  Action Dice Football was invented back in 1969 that sold over 15,000 copies.  This time we are doing 4 games total. Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.  Pocket sized, fast playing action. Our games take about 2 minutes to learn how to play! We recommend ages 8+.

Action Dice History

Action Dice Games were invented by my father, Martin Jacobs in the 1950's. As a 10-year old youth, his parents and my father spent two-weeks each summer in Lake County, in Northern California. He says he spent many sleepless nights, as temperatures reached up to a over 100 degrees. To fight off the boredom in the evenings, he played solitary with a deck of 52 playing cards. 

As devoted sports fan, he created a football and baseball game using a deck of cards and spent many endless summers nights playing games.  Each number and symbol on a particular playing card represented a particular play. He would call a play, turn over a card, and it represented either a run, a pass, a catch, a run, a punt, a hit, a score, a penalty, or whatever a real-life football and baseball game had to offer. 

Eventually, in 1969, at the age of 26, my father incorporated them into "Action Sport Dice Games" played with dice instead of cards and produced them for the public. Both Action Football and Baseball game became an instant hit to sport fans, even servicemen, and sold over 15,000 copies world wide.  His passion for sports did not stop there, as he opened several pro-sports shops in San Francisco Bay Area which lasted over 30 years, until he retired.   

Recently I had an idea to bring back his dice games and revive the good old days calling plays and rolling the dice.  My father encouraged me to bring back "Action Sport  Dice Games".  This time Hockey and Basketball have been added to complete the four major sports in America.  We are back stronger than ever, with the power of the internet to get the word out and our growing fan base. My goal is to make handy "Action Dice Games" your go-to play call when it comes to playing a fun, realistic sports game, you can play and take them anywhere.

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The best that never was

Before there was Strat or any other NFL board game there was this attempt for the ultimate table top NFL board game. This game was so advanced that even coaches might scratch their heads.  Marty took on a huge challenge to invent Quarterback Challenge.  His advisor was a wide receiver on the Oakland Raiders at the time.  Real formations, plays and statistics were exactly what you saw on the Raiders field. Every average from inside and outside the tackles were that of the real plays run by the Raiders.  This was the problem, it was far too advanced for the casual game player like us..  This game required a bit of training to fully understand what play to run and how to run it.  Unfortunately this game was never produced and brought onto the market like the plan was.  Instead the simple the Action Dice continued to be the hit that it was.  

Where is he now?

Marty Jacobs lives in San Francisco. He is a retired sports collector, author and Grandpa. You can find his 49ers books on  Marty is now a big fan of Action Dice Games now that his son continues and expands the company.

Marty Jacobs 49ers author, Action dice games inventor

Action Dice Mission

Our Mission is to create the most realistic, strategic dice sports games that are portable to take with you anywhere!  The game play and strategy mimic the pro leagues. If you love sports then you will love Action Dice Games.


We envision Action Dice Games will be in stores near you in the near future. We know this is our beginning to something big. We have more sports games in our radar which includes Golf, Soccer and Boxing.  We are here to stay and built with our gamers and fans. No game is for everybody but if you want a fast playing, realistic version of the pro game that's travel size then play Action Dice Games.

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